Aaron Clayton

Director of Production

Aaron aka Tangle is reminiscent of the prehistoric beings who once wandered the valleys of Joshua Tree, eating the alien tree’s fruit and creating one of the most unique places on Earth. He is a born producer, gifted with the ability to see the forest within a single seed. 

Alexandria Standi

Accounting Administrator

On the road towards a PhD in mathematics, Alex spends her days running our numbers up and down the 405. Beyond the fast lane, you can count on finding her candidly subtracting from our stash of chocolate covered espresso beans. 

Edite Oliver

Team Administrator

As a child, Edite only ran; walking wasn’t in her lexicon. Today, with a fire under her feet and an enlivening warmth in her approach, she sets the speed for the whole team.

Elliott Dunwody

President & Executive Producer

Elliott is kin with the troll that guards the bridge between the worlds of creative fantasy and lawful reality. Over two decades, he has spent his career shepherding creatives across this dangerous passage, producing groundbreaking multi-media events in service of millions. 

Emily Zamber

Production Coordinator

Emily is that production coordinator that PAs bend over backwards for. A self-proclaimed people-hating-people-person who you can't help but love; in reality, she doesn’t hate you, she loves you - she only asks that you walk faster and can she please pet your dog?

Harrison Nir

Office Administrator

Harrison was raised going to Burning Man. He knows that the best immersive experiences amplify human connection. With an ability to keep a calm, positive demeanor through stressful situations, he helps keep this value alive among our team behind the scenes too.

Katherine Yarbrough

Associate Producer

Katherine is a reminder of one great paradox of our universe: how infinite energy can manifest in physically finite forms. What makes her a remarkably impactful producer is that there's one speed with Katherine, and it’s full speed ahead. 

Ky O'Keefe

Creative Director

Notoriously hired for her exceptionally eclectic music taste, Ky is a curatorial behemoth across the sensorial board. She is able to do nearly 12 hours of design work on an arugula salad alone. 

Mitchell Kulkin

Experience Artist & Dramaturg

Mitchell is in the business of transforming culture, which is to say Mitchell is really into fermentation. His work infuses the diverse juices of human experience into profound, slow-brewed hot sauces and sauerkrauts, so to speak. 

Ryan L'Esperance

Technical Director

A typical day for Ryan starts in his home garden, where, singing to his tomatoes, the fruit ripens before his eyes. He is the teammate everyone marvels at – think Spiderman, but with audio cables and gaff tape.

Soren West

CEO & Executive Producer

The countless lives that Soren has lived, from high school dropout to gourmet chef, small business owner to CEO of an internationally acclaimed live events company, have culminated in a leader poetically audacious enough to name the company after himself. 

Taylor Steinberg

Vice President, Finance

With his Yale MBA, Taylor is the egg in the SOREN WEST bowl of ramen. Like a life preserver, he floats on top, keeping one roaming eye on our broth-to-noodle ratio, making sure everything underneath him has kept to the recipe.